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Couple resting and admiring their property whose environment is protected by Ecoflo septic system
  • Ecoflo Coco Filter and Ecoflo Bi-Layer
  • Three types of shells: polyethylene (plastic), concrete and fiberglass
  • Models designed to meet the needs of homes with 2 to 6+ bedrooms
  • Three tertiary treatment disinfection solutions

Two types of Ecoflo are available: Ecoflo Coco Filter and Ecoflo Bi-Layer. Both are available in polyethylene (plastic), concrete or fiberglass shell. The type of shell and Ecoflo recommended for the property varies according to the surface area, landscape and nature, permeability and depth of the natural soil on site. A soil test is conducted to make this determination. Because this test is a regulatory requirement, you need to consult a wastewater treatment professional.

Download the Ecoflo Coco Filter flyer (CAN/USA) Download the Ecoflo Bi-Layer flyer (CAN/USA)

In Quebec, the installation of an Ecoflo septic system is eligible for a tax credit for the upgrading of septic systems

Ecoflo Coco Filter – Polyethylene

  • Our smallest and most sustainable wastewater treatment unit ever
  • 100% coco husk fragment-based
    filtering media
  • 40% smaller filtering surface and shell than Ecoflo Bi-Layer - Polyethylene
  • Available Models: 2, 3, 4, 5 and
    6+ bedrooms
  • See its installation

Please contact your local PTA supervisor
for more details

Ecoflo Coco Filter – Polyethylene (PACK option)

  • All-in-one compact solution
  • Septic tank and biofilter integrated
  • Faster and easier to install
  • Quality installations every time
  • See its installation

Please contact your local PTA supervisor
for more details

Ecoflo Coco Filter – Concrete

  • Available as a kit integrated into existing tanks made by local precasters
  • 100% coco husk fragments-based
    filtering media
  • Suitable for even the most difficult sites
  • See its installation

Please contact your local PTA supervisor
for more details

Ecoflo Bi-Layer – Polyethylene

  • Ready-to-use – filtering media and components preassembled at the factory
  • Light – easy to handle even in tight spaces
  • Quality controlled installation
  • See its installation

Ecoflo Bi-Layer – Concrete

  • Completely buried (no bump)
  • Built-in space-saving pump (when required)
  • Ideal for relatively non-permeable soils (clayey) or in cases of high groundwater
  • See its installation

Ecoflo Bi-Layer – Fiberglass

  • Highly economical installation
  • Ideal for permeable soils
  • Low footprint
  • On-site assembly


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As with any wastewater treatment type, the Ecoflo Biofilter incorporates a septic tank equipped with a effluent filter, the treatment unit and a polishing field.

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