Filtering media

Ecoflo media filter replacement

A 100% natural and compostable filtering media

Ecoflo Biofilter is unique among all onsite treatment systems thanks to a natural filtering media that treats wastewater without any energy. The filtering media acts as a physical barrier that retains pollutants until their complete degradation to protect the polishing field.

Following years of use (between 10 to 15 years), the used filtering media is pumped out using a vacuum truck and transported on regulated decontamination sites. It is then disposed of safely into the environment.

Ensure the long life of your filtering media

What is the key to ensuring the long life of your filtering media? The annual maintenance provided by our local service partners trained by our experts! Each annual maintenance rejuvenates your filtering media. It is essential to an optimal biological treatment of the wastewater, the durability of your Ecoflo and the validity of its warranty.

  • Make sure the inspection of your Ecoflo is performed every year
  • Have your septic tank pumped out regularly (every 2 years for main residences and every 4 for secondary residences). Note that septic tank pump outs are not included in our annual maintenance visit or maintenance contract. Please contact your municipality for more details about septic tank pump outs.
  • Respect the recommendations of the manufacturer about the use of your system (see your owner’s manual (CAN/USA, Quebec) for more details)

Read the Manufacturer's operating instructions

Filtering media replacement

Approaching the end of its useful life (starting on the 9th year following the initial installation or the replacement of its filtering media), a detailed analysis is performed by our biofiltration experts. Based on all the information and photographs gathered on your system year after year, they will determine if the life of the filtering media can be extended for another year or if the filtering media needs to be replaced.

A 3-step process

1. Pumping out the used filtering media

Removed via the cover of the Ecoflo with a vacuum truck similar to those used to pump out septic tanks. No damage to your property or flower arrangements!

When the Ecoflo is empty and its interior portion is exposed, the service partner will check if the internal components or the shell are in good condition.

2. Placing the new filtering media

The bags of new filtering media from Premier Tech are then emptied inside the Ecoflo. The initial warranty of the product is then automatically renewed (8 or 10 years). Your system is like brand new!

3. Reusing the used filtering media

The used filtering media is transported by the service partner to a composting or valorization platform. It can then be used as compost (commercial applications only) or disposed of safely into the environment.

Please contact us at 1 800 632-6356 or [email protected] to know the company who offers the maintenance service in your area.

Payment of the filtering media replacement

Pay your filtering media replacement invoice

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As with any wastewater treatment type, the Ecoflo Biofilter incorporates a septic tank equipped with a effluent filter, the treatment unit and a polishing field.

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