How Ecoflo works

Coco husk fragment-based technology of the Ecoflo septic system treats wastewater with no energy
  • The principle is simple. The Ecoflo is a passive system (requires no energy) that uses a filtering media made of natural organic matter to treat wastewater. This patented biofilter acts as a physical barrier that retains pollutants. The treatment requires no electricity and the owner has nothing specific to do to operate or maintain the system, other than complying with the specifics of a biological system like the Ecoflo and its installation design criteria (e.g., flows).

  • Operating principle

  • The wastewater arriving from the septic tank is directed to the Ecoflo Biofilter, where it flows into a tipping bucket that alternately pours it on distribution plates located on either side of a central support.

  • This distribution system requires no energy to operate and ensures an equal distribution of the wastewater over the entire surface of the filtering media. Next, the water trickles down through the Ecoflo Biofilter. The water thus treated is finally released into the environment, either after having passed through a polishing field located directly under or next to the Ecoflo or directly into a waterway (where conditions permit).

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The Ecoflo is a passive system that uses a patented, natural and organic filter media to treat wastewater. No electricity is needed for the treatment.

Septic tank (plastic or concrete)

Clarifies wastewater by retaining solids.

Effluent filter (inside the septic tank)

Prevents coarse particles (larger than 1.6 mm/0.6 in.) from entering the Ecoflo. Pre-treated waters then flow towards the shell of the Ecoflo.

Ecoflo shell

Models available in polyethylene (plastic), concrete and fiberglass. The type of shell recommended is determined by the size, topography, nature, permeability and thickness of the natural soil of the property.

Tipping bucket and distribution plates

Uniformly distributes, with no energy, wastewaters to be treated on the entire surface of the filtering media. The water then percolates through the filter of the Ecoflo.

Filtering media

Made of organic and re-used natural material, this biological patented filter acts as a physical barrier that retains pollutants. Ensures the longterm protection of the receiving environment, the ground, meaning the environment and investment of the owners.

To infiltration area

99% treated, wastewaters finally infiltrate the ground through a gravel bed and layer of natural soil located under or near the Ecoflo.

Tertiary disinfection treatment (is installed after the Ecoflo, when required)

Minimizes the concentration of pathogenic organisms released into the environment. Used when the standards respecting the environmental release of effluents are high (near sensitive areas).


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As with any wastewater treatment type, the Ecoflo Biofilter incorporates a septic tank equipped with a effluent filter, the treatment unit and a polishing field.

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