The Ecoflo advantages

Ecoflo septic system is discreet and compact for a beautifull landscaping adding value to your home
  • Superior performance 
  • Compact and discreet design
  • Quick installation
  • No energy required for treatment
  • Durable filtering media
  • Worry-free warranty

The Ecoflo from Premier Tech Aqua is the industry leader in effective, economical, and environmentally-friendly residential wastewater treatment.

This system uses a renewable and recyclable filtering media made of coconut husk fragments, or coco and peat, to deliver outstanding performance in all soil and site conditions. 

Whether for a main residence, summer cottage, new construction, or as a replacement for a faulty system, the Ecoflo will give you peace of mind that your health and the environment are protected for years to come. 

To learn more about the advantages of the Ecoflo, watch the short video below:

Two types of Ecoflo are available: the Ecoflo Coco Filter and the Ecoflo Bi-layer. Both are available in polyethylene (plastic), concrete, or fiberglass tanks. Regardless of type or tank, the advantages are clear.   

Superior performance 

The Ecoflo promises superior performance in all conditions. No matter the daily flow, property location, soil conditions, or water table, the Ecoflo will deliver reliable wastewater treatment that complies with the strictest standards.

See the Ecoflo's performance sheet

No energy required for treatment

Thanks to the Ecoflo’s patented filtration technology, no electricity is needed to treat wastewater. If your system requires a pump (due to the terrain of your property), the estimated energy cost is just $10 per year. 

Compact and discreet design

The Ecoflo requires up to 50% less space than conventional systems, making it ideal for tight areas. The discreet design ensures wastewater is effectively filtered – underground and out of sight – without compromising the natural beauty of your property. 

Which Ecoflo model is best for you?

Durable filtering media

With proper care and regular maintenance, the Ecoflo's filtering media can effectively treat wastewater for up to 15 years. When it reaches the end of its useful life, the replacement process is simple. Technicians finish the work in just a few hours and no excavation or system relocation is required 

Quick installation

Many Ecoflo models are pre-assembled and ready to be installed. Built-in lifting anchors make loading and unloading a breeze, meaning shorter wait times for delivery and lower labor costs on site. The best part? The Ecoflo provides proven and hassle-free performance immediately after start-up. 

See examples of finished Ecoflo installations

Worry-free warranty

The Ecoflo comes with one of the longest warranties on the market:

  • • 10 years for the shell
  •   (polyethylene and fiberglass models)
  • • 10 years for the filtering media   
  •   (for most models) 
  • • 10 years for internal components
  • • 2 years for pumps, floats, and alarms




Premier Tech Aqua is a major player in the onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment industry. We offer a full range of technologies and services for the residential, commercial, municipal and industrial sectors.

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As with any wastewater treatment type, the Ecoflo Biofilter incorporates a septic tank equipped with a effluent filter, the treatment unit and a polishing field.

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